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Lack of parking space?

With the ever-increasing number of cars, the need for parking is growing as well, namely in urban zones with scarce land.

Automated Parking Systems (APS) provide an ideal solution. If you come to the conclusion that such a system could solve your parking problem, we offer our fully automatic system MONTIPARK.

Modern are calls for economically efficient and at the same time environment-friendly solution for all of us.

MONTIPARK multiparking systems delivered by MONTIFER s.r.o. company provide exactly this sort of solution.

Low investment cost, short implementation period and extraordinarily demand for space: this is the foundation of unique project of MONTIPARK automated parking systems. The result of maximum emphasis on low energy demand of these modern systems is major reducing of operating costs and considerably low envirenmental impact. Automated parking systems MONTIPARK bring an ideal combination of comfor and utility.

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