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Automated parkin systems MONTIPARK offer a wide range of possible operating modes. Owners of apartment houses, private businesses, government offices or shopping centres: all of them will appreciate the benefits. The parking systems can be "tailor-made" for any construction project that includes parking spaces, be it aboveground or undergound.

Advantages of MONTIPARK automated parking systems

Compared to traditional car parks and parking lots the automated systems provide by up to 50% higher capacity under incomparably lower demand for space. This is because the unique design allows to forget about entry and exit ramps, stairways and passenger elevators. The same space can accommodate up to double the number of vehicles.

The outcome of top-notch technological and structural execution, long service life and quality of the used materials, efficiency of the operation and technical advancement of MONTIPARK automated parking systems is extremely low cost of operation and maintenance.

You don't have to worry about safety in MONTIPARK automated parking systems. MONTIFER s.r.o. company employees provide professional training for drivers and operators, including the safety requirements according to the applicable regulations.

Thanks to the fully automated operation that prevents access of unauthorized persons to the vehicles, MONTIPARK systems represent the safest option. The internal area designed for parked cars is out of bounds for the drivers and others, which eliminates the risk of burglary, theft or demage. The system also removes the risk of demage due to collision with concrete pillars in the underground when entering and exiting the car parks. The automated system checks everything at the entrance, incl. the weight.

Full automation means the most-welcome advantage for the driver: the only thing expected from him/her is to place the vehicle on the right spot, and the system will take care of everything else. The system is controlled by contactless card, or remotely by pager. The comfort is further increased by the installed turntable that enables forward movement of the vehicles (no need to reverse). The drivers will surely appreciate certainty of available parking place without losing time searching for one.

Our offer of automated parking systems:

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