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APS MONTIPARK P is ready to be installed in high-capacity car parks. The system can efficiently accommodate hundreds of vehicles, keeping acceptable hadling time, provided the number of entry and exit places is defined correctly.

The main part of APS MONTIPARK P is the system of transfer tables and vertical conveyors. The transfer tables for horizontal movement between individual positions on technological floor allow for major acceleration of the whole APS operation. Movement of all pallets within the system is not necessary in the process of storage and retrieval, as the transfer table operates only the pallet with the specific vehicle.

APS MONTIPARK P can be expanded by adding pallets per floor, and by adding floors. The pallets can be - in relation to the axis of the transfer table - orinted crosswise or lengthwise. The position and number of pallets per floor is usually defined with regards to the space where APS is to be installed.

APS MONTIPARK P can be optionally equipped with turntable for automated turning of vehicles. This means that users enter and exit the parking space always forward. The turntable can be incorporated into the entry and exit space, or located outside.

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