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APS Polyfunkční dům
Mírové náměstí, Ústí nad Labem - 54 cars - 05/2010

Polyfunkční dům

LocationÚstí nad Labem
Launched in5/2010
Parking typeMONTIPARK P
Number fo parking places54
Number of floors3
Number of served spaces1
Underground car parkYes
Vehicle size5150x2150 mm
Vehicle height1500/1900 mm
Vehicle weight2500 kg
Number of lifts1



The parking system is located in the underground section of multifunctional premises, providing parking space for 54 cars. Horizontal conveyors, transfer tables and lift take care of smooth parking on three levels. The vehicles themselves are placed on pallets, and their parking in the system is controlled by industrial automation: Omron CJ with special software and electronic sensors. It allows operation of the parking facility as one whole, with all the equipment active at once. Description of the solution: Vertical traffic within the parking space is performed by lift with turntable, while the horizontal movement is done by conveyors and transfer tables. Entry/exit place, where the drivers hand over and retrieve their cars, is located on the ground floor. The storage and retrieval of vehicles is controlled by ID cards and pagers.

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